Saturday, June 18, 2005

Thiruvaasagam ! has a beautiful offer, on its site. It is the Long-waited "Thiruvaasagam in Symphony" on stands and has a 10% offer on Cassette, CD and DVD. The DVD is accompanied with Booklets containing the Lyrics of Thiruvasagam. Read on the Suggestions of Sujatha, in this issue of Aananda Vikatan.

Im sure you liked this picture. Thanks to for a beautiful pic, and I did a Photoshopping on it. Tell me, how do you like it. This one had the perfect mood for the title.

Click here for the offer on Thiruvasagam in Symphony. Wish you take it this way, and enjoy the benefit.

Now about the Sujatha Article on Aananda Vikatan.

Sujatha's suggestion -
"1. CD or Cassette, pay for it, and Buy it.
2. Dont send via Internet. Avoid piracy. Do not listen in MP3, as the compression sucks out the quality of music.
3. Hear it on Bose speakers, or relatively good Surround system. People who dont want to hinder others, hear it on iPOD.
4. Listen it in peace, alone at night. Hear it repeatedly (like once in two days).
5. Dont listen in full volume. Symphony is delicate, so listen in normal volume level.
6. Idle to have a musical knowledge to enjoy. Not that you need to identify the Raaga.
7. After all this, if you like it.. appreciate the man -

Do this as a smallest effort to glorify the greatest musician of this century."

I've booked for it. Iam Impressed by the take.
"Thiruvaasagaththukku Urugaar, Oru Vaasagaththukkum Urugaar"


Anonymous said...

Hi Keerthi,
Thanks for the pointer. I also read this in Vikatan...eagerly awaiting the release.

Anonymous said...

Keerthi, first of all graphics le kilappitteenga.

Second is, your posts are not only topical but timely too.

Third is, having followed this saga ever since it was conceptualized, I am waiting to buy it not only for me but also for posterity.

Thanks for the Sujatha pointers.

KRTY said...

Kaps, i will write my first review on this.

Thennavan, thanks. You've been one of the role-models, i adapt from on blogging.

Anonymous said...

the photoshopping work is too good, keerthi

KRTY said...

thanks Ram. i suggest you to buy this.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pic! I am jus waiting to get my hands on the DVD.. have ordered in Chennai Online, waiting with bated breath...

Well said Sujatha!:)

KRTY said...

Thanks Nithya. Wish the songs are really good.