Saturday, September 24, 2005

CM 175

Chandramukhi - A film that changed the life of a man.

If you'd remember the pre-release days of Chandramukhi, it was a complete chaos. Anniyan and Mumbai Express were head-on competetors. What if Anniyan was released then ??

Rajnikanth was already on a complete disaster after the Damaaal of Baba ! Chandramukhi is not a guarentee movie.. It could have failed easily. It was not a sure-hit.

Thankfully, It is a hit and up on 175 days. Yes !

I am not an ardent fan of Rajnikanth.. but then Im happy for this man. Congratulations Rajnikanth !!

Expect the same from Sivaji.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yep, also the movie wasnt to my expected level, But happy for Rajini, a superstar though not a (pseudo)periyarite.

Anonymous said...

oru kalavan dance aadarathuku pakkam makkal, adulum nanum oru aalu!! anywas close up shots were bad, rajini kelavan madri ternijan!!

Anonymous said...

175 days CM coincides wit sivajis bday,

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Rajini.!!! I am not a big fan either. But I like his simplicity!

Anonymous said...

Well both the Malayalam and Kannada versions were super hits, so I don't find this a big surprise. Actually biggest surprise was Rajni letting Jo steal the climax with horrible overacting. At least that's a welcome attitude change from a man who used to give instructions to his fanatics and front benchers onscreen.

KRTY said...

surya, periyarite ?? ada.. arunaachala aaluppa !!

vatsan, heh !! adhudhaan namma oorule sagajam aachche ! SJ Surya voda Mayilirage paarkarathukku, Rajini's Devuda paarkalaam.. enna solreenga vatsan.

venkittu sir, me too. What a simple man !! Nalla manidhar.

jacky, Jo's overact.. LOL.. chancey illappa. romba too muchha irundhudhu.. hmm.. actually Malayalam versionai kindal pannra madhiri irundhudhu !!!

Anonymous said...

i am a great fan of rajini, 2 years back i saw the Baba on the second week of release. Now i dint see Chandramuke, i expect it release in Drive-in Prathana, because then only i can saw. Now i am waiting for the 200th day of chandrauke then only i will see on VCD. :)

Anonymous said...


What about movies like Mannan and Padayappa where the antagonists were talked about as much as Thalaivar?

And Vatsan,
You could do with some respect for the man, who is probably your grand father's age.

Anonymous said...

i support jacky. baba a film with traditional 'rajnikanth' elements is an all time flop. his elections 2004 attempt too made him a clown. long after that when chnadramuki came, the 'rajini-heat' was less and really mumbai xpress&anniyan had better expectations. the 1st week, even rajini-fans were not sure on the fate of the film.

its funny to see now the same fans saying "naanga appove sonnomla"

to put it simple, the 1st post by the auther is 100% correct

rajini is always an simple person. but he was too tensesd with baba flop and too happy with this film's success.

Anonymous said...

Silicon Sillu,

I am a Rajini fan and I am part of the Rajinifans group. I can not recall anybody in the group saying that "naanga appove sonnom-la". And all the Thalaivar fans that I know of were cautious about the result of Chandramukhi and so there was no way anyone could have come out with that statement. P.vasu has gone on record saying that even Thalaivar did not expect such a response for CM.

About getting tensed before the release, I guess its only natural that anyone would be tensed when the previous movie did not do as expected. And Thalaivar himself told in the Thiruvaasagam release function that he was happy that CM was a hit and that feeling was only for the first 3-4 weeks.

Talking of Baba, it was a flop only in terms of the number of days it ran. It actually made more money than Padaiyappa. Refer to the following link:

Anonymous said...

Chandramukhi dint change the life of rajnikanth. he was always the best . is always the best and will always be the best.
he is undisputably the most charismatic actor in tamil filmdom and will continue to rule the tamil filmdom for yrs to come

KRTY said...


Chandramukhi illenna Rajini wouldnt even have thought of another movie. atleast this quickly... and made a huge business.