Monday, February 27, 2006

Ananda Vikatan - Chee !

There was this review of "Kalvanin Kadhali" in Ananda Vikatan, where the magazine has blasted the movie and its crew for making a Shamefully-vulgar movie. I was very happy, that a magazine was bold enough to blast a un-deserving movie (which, Im not sure if it is). You can read the Vikatan review, posted on Lazygeek.

Ok, now.. this is the same treatment Boys got. It was a review on the First page with Just a CHEEE ! on it. Meaning that Vikatan was not ready to review such a movie, and it thought it was way below its dignity.

I dedicate this post to the Crew and Editor of Vikatan, to just make them aware... well, of the following.

I was allowed to read Ananda Vikatan quite a lot of years ago. My parents didnt care what I would read in there, because they knew it had Quality content, and was safe for children. But gradually, as I grew up, Vikatan also evolved. And its evolved now to a point that I dont want to read it anymore. (!)

Double Meaning Velaikkari Jokes, with cartoons of Velaikkari's showing their Cleavages and Thoppuls. (What, Thats what precisely SJ Suryah did in his movie ?).... And even sometimes a few short stories get such awkward paintings. I know Kumudam and other magazines are even worse Kuppais. But Vikatan was not like this until recent past. It was good 2 years before. I enjoyed reading all the 144 pages. Now, I have to hunt for good content besides Cinema and Sex.

One very bad thing, I noticed in Vikatan, is a few advertisements appearing like Articles. A few Jewel shops and a few Clinics, have their advertisement appear like normal columns in Vikatan. And Vikatan doesnt discriminate it with a Advertisement. Thats misleading people, and Im sure you know how wrong it is.

80% content of Vikatan is now Cinema. Not that i hate cinema, but thats not why I pay Rs. 10 for vikatan (Note the price. It was Rs. 4 very few years back..and a monstrous incline in price, and a blind fall in Quality).

Now that Sujatha's column wont come.. and many other interesting features wont appear.. Im seriously thinking about stopping subscription. Its simply not worth the money.

I wish someone tells them to pull up, break and resupply the Quality food, they used to.

Until then, a Kalvanin Kadhali review may look like a bold act of a magazine...
But to me, i can only say.... "Ivar mattum ozhungaa ? Perrsa solla vanttaaru !!"


Anonymous said...

exactly my thoughts....
superb post!

and these guys have the gall to write 'Chee' to movies.

where is their f&^*% social responsibility?

Anonymous said...

Good review about AV ,Keerthi.
Just forward ur mail to vikatan editor !
I dont know what they look in while reviewing the movie..Guess,its high time they comeup with :vikatan productions:
Lets see how many takers are there for them !!

Anonymous said...

yah.. true keerthi..
AV was a magazine i really looked up to..
until i got my hands on it recently.
Anyway.. gonna watch kalvanin in a moment. After that adha patthi ezhuduren.

Anonymous said...

Hi Keerthi,
Not that I wanna support AV, but the film does'nt deserve any comments really... and "BOYS" the commant by AV was mainly due to the reason that Sankar made such a film......the same was the case for Thulluvadho Illamai...
Also what ever movies AV has rated high has won some awards like HeyRam. Their movie reviews is not to be blamed, but I agree with all that velaikaari jokes.

Anonymous said...

dei u crib about AV,
pls chk out outlook, IT and week, all three had a sharp decline in quality and a doubling of their prices, except week. IT and outlook are nothing but trash thesedays, with week being slightly better. its the way society is going these days

Anonymous said...

same thoughts, even i am a regular reader of av a year back, nowadays its full of crap.. i stopped it reading.. some of the good articles they r making it as book, so better i buy those..

Anonymous said...

Most of the magazines set double standards. But I was glad to see that review of Kalvanin... there. Someone *has* to stop this SJ Suryah guy from making *sick* and *repulsive* films.

Anonymous said...

Well said Keerthi..excatly the thougths of lots of people who were(?!?!) regular readers of AV... Its time they look into the existing crap rather than creating lot of sub-magazines( like Aval,Chutti,sakthi,nanayam etc.,)

Anonymous said...

Your thots are rite Keerthi..But now there's lot of new magazines growing to find their places in weekly magazines list..With enormous effort towards the advertisement, Kungumam has increased his copies to you believe..but this is real fact. To overcome that type of things, AV pulled to put that type of images,jokes and stories
Otherwise they may put good things..but they can't withstand among others..Obviuosly, then they will become other weekly magazines to get their places..
But I am not supporting the AV is publishing things..BUt that are not too vulgar also...
Hope on their 81st anniversary, they will improve further in the Quality of Content..
But there is no need of unsubscribe..Surely they will come up with good content..

Anonymous said...

Just make a note that I am not opposing your thots or not accepting the way of AV doing..

But they has no other way than doing these minor kind of things...

Now the Cheif Editor (Asiriyar) had been changed from Balasubramanian to Asokan..That may be one of the reasons for these kinda things..

You can send these to them..they may try to take a note of this and improve the content quality

Anonymous said...

I agree with you..

Pot calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

I fully endorse your views Mr. Keerthi. AV is nothing but hypocyisy personified. At least, Kumudam does not preach.

I used to read AV/JV in net as long as it was free but once it became a paid service, I just stopped reading it & I bet am still getting to know latest developments on politico/cinematic fronts, which I am interested in. I do feel that only by NOT subscribing to such arrogant/ haughty magazines, will they realise their mistakes & do a rethink of their strategy.

If you hit where it hurts, then things will definitely change.


Anonymous said...

As Karthikeyan said, the decline in quality of AV is due to the change in the editorial team.
But what i heard from a AV person is the other way round. Some of the readers might remember with an AV issue with a Namitha still in the cover.AV's then editor Balasubramaniam is not pleased and when asked abt that he got the answer from his son Sreenivasan "Then only we can survive". After a heated discussion, Balasubramaniam decided to step down. But I m not sure how much this one is true.

Anonymous said...

"Now, I have to hunt for good content besides Cinema and Sex."

is it ?? i thought it was the other way round ..LOL

KRTY said...

Exactly. Thanks.

I have forwarded. Let us see what happens.

Paarkadheenga ! Kevalamaana padam.. not just for the vulgar content.. even otherwise , its a useless one.

Agreed. But Boys was a good movie. And it didnt deserve that treatment. These guys think they reflect the society's emotions.

KRTY said...

@srivatsan (ada-paavi),
I dont read Outlook and IT. SO, i dont want to crib about them. But AV is something i read regularly. Hence the crib :)

Yes true. Vikatan Publications make some good books out of the articles appearing on AV.

Would you be shocked to know, if he is going to act in Hindhi as a Hero ? I hate this guy's attitude basically.

Yes. They made a good section called Nanayam. and as soon as it was a hit, they took it out of the book, and made a separate one.. Useless strategies.

KRTY said...

You dont see anything vulgar in AV ? We will chat with the next issue of AV in hand ! And I wish they come up in quality.

:) SJ Suryah does deserve this, may be. But AV should have done it differently.

Yes. I wish to inform these guys that Im going to unsubscribe because of this and this reasons.. and then unsubscribe. Im going to do that.

@senthil kumar,
oh ! Appdiya ? Quite possible.

I do read Cinema and Sex contents in the book.. but Good Content ! nah.. not anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is really pathetic that the AV has to stoop this low to compete with the trash magazines! But I do miss 'Anu, Akka, Aunty'!!

Anonymous said...

i saw this movie... mavane antha sori naai SJ surya voda kurangu sestaigal thaanaga mudiyalada saami..

Viktan-la romba pidichadu Hai madan and katrathum petrathum from sujataha... mathapadi ellam waste..

I saw the review of kalvanin kadalhi in another magaznie and they have rated it as excellent... thalaiezhuthuda saami

Anonymous said...

A late reader of this article.. I agree but i do not find any other general Tamil magazine which is as entertaining as Vikatan. There are cinema maxima mags like kumudam or kungumam or political weeklies or women's mags or biz mags or spiritual mags. Only kalki comes close but its contents aren't strong enuf. In vikatan, "Karuvaachi Kaaviyam", S. Ramakrishnan's "Desanthiri", "Gnyani's "O.. podu", Madhan's kelvi badhil, Sujatha's section and Cheran's autobiography are very much readable.. Hope these kind of sections increase.. (do not know y "Number one" by chokkan has been stopped)

Anonymous said...

Dear Bart, "Numbe one" was not stopped, I completed it as planned (18 weeks) and its recently released as a book also!

From the Vikatan81 Special issue, I have started a new thodar, "Vallinam, Mellinam, Idaiyinam", Abt Software world and folks,

N. Chokkan,

Anonymous said...

Keerthi you should go and read Chutti vikadan not AV! You say that your parents allowed you to read Vikatan now Vikatan has grown but unfortunately you are not growing! Please please start reading Chutti vikatan.


Craja753 said...

Dear All

The real problem is due to us only.
we are the part of the society. the person whom take the movie is also the same.
In a over night we cant change the entire scenario. but still we can.
we can pass all good thought to our children. our next generation.
All the times some people will be like this idiots. they use to do all nasty things. but the technology what they are using is going to be different. now they are having IT in their hand.
but always we need to thing if buyers are not there then they can't sell.
so entire or atleast most part society need to be aware about sense of living.

Basic human sense should include 1) Respect others - even it may be in movies. upto the time one is being respecting by others he can't do nasty thing against.
2)Be Mercy(i dont want to use the word "Love". its already contaminated) - don't put other in trouble as per your knowledge. atleast try to do.

but the real picture what we are seeing in the life is not at all like this.

One family is in driving. unfortunately they met accident.
Daughter crushed dead.
At that time how a father or others with her will treat? as a dead body. still she is their sweet daughter, upto the maximum end they try to safe her.
They try to take out of the vehicle by keeping her in chest. and cover her body with cloths.

But if she is not her daughter then? simply they try to pull a dead body and throw out as it is(sorry some time partially naked).

atleast whether they are keeping any respect to that co human. how precious our parts according to us. but after any incident like above?

our photographers are so cute at this time. they'll take almost in the extreme pose. and put it in their magazine in color.
if they will do the same with their sister or for their family.

treat all atleast a human. feel others like us. no need to believe and then be cheated. Giving respect we can do easily.

Be a Sixth sense human if all are in the same way then no need to worry after all about a movie.
To remove a poison plant always better to start from its root.

too bored na! sorry iam not a poet. to express in interesting way. still iam a human.


Anonymous said...

Well I read this posting out of my own interest, and it was not forced on me. I could have just dismissed it as not my cup of tea, but I felt I must put in a few words..... I was, and am,an ardent reader of Vikadan and I believe that Vikadan's quality is NOT the same as Kalvanin Kaadhali or Boys at present there is just one thodarkathai in Vikadan and it is excellent anyways as a regular reader of Vikadan, I do respect your opinion, but I just wanted to stress that I do differ with it.... thanks and regards, Thendral

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!