Sunday, March 05, 2006

Vennilave ! Velli Velli Nilave ! Super paattu machchi !

I was there at the Audio Launch. It had a very innovative Invitation. It was at the Sathyam Cinemas, today morning 10.30.

Boy, you should have seen the posters. Mighty good. So very grand and majestic. Kamalhaasan Rocks.

I watched almost every single Film personality in just a few inches away. I even saw our fellow Blogger Chinmayi sing a very scintillating Kadavul Vaazhthu. She never replies my comments on her blog, so I better mention it here on my post, rather than leaving a comment on her blog.

They screened a song from Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu. A very simple song synonymous to "Ennai Konjam Maatri" from Kakka Kakka. But the Kamals presence in the picture (with style and poise added to his walk) - and the presence of such a great audience who went Ga-Ga about the song.. I was so thrilled. I wanted to whistle so badly.. damn my inability to do that. It looked like i was gifted to be on the function. I happened to hear 2 songs (which were alone disclosed to public), and Harris has done a redo of his old tunes. Not bad.

There was a music show prior to the audio launch. Karthik, Sriram, Shalini, Srilekha parthasarathy, Chinmayi, Unnimenon and Srinivas singing "Kamal hits" and "Harris-Gautham" hits. Karthik stole the show easily with Gajini. But I specially would like to appreciate (who cares if i dont) the female singer who sang "Thoodhu Varuma" from Kakka Kakka. Amazing performance on stage amidst all the shouts, when Kamal entered into the Hall.

When I was outside the theatre prior to the function, there was a guy standing next to me and asking someone on the cellphone about "Hari, Selvaraghavan, Lingusamy, Tharani..." and so on.. Then my neighbour (the main reason why i was able to go to the function, thanks to him) told me that he was Manickam Narayanan. He looked very much like a commoner, and he was working today like a Servant. I've never seen a simple person, who was so powerful enough to produce Kamals picture.

Kamal and Sujatha spoke much about Dasavatharam. Kamal's slightly changed his hairstyle. Move-on, thats his philosophy. Gautham was very much keen on projecting Sarathkumar, who is his next hero in Parunthu. On the whole, the director and the actor had moved on to their next projects. I know they believe the movie will take care of itself.

Thats how it looks. It will win.


Anonymous said...

Pooti ready aieduchu, velaiya ready aietar Kamal.

Anonymous said...

Keethi.. you are sooo lucky..
waiting waiting...

Anonymous said...

thats was so fortunate for u... u were very lucky :)

I heard two promos songs of VV Karkka Karkka and Manjal Veyill... man they are awesome.. i am going crazy...cant wait to get the songs :)

Anonymous said...

Aandavar arul namakku kidaithadhu namadhu baagiam. Let's say no to audio/video piracy!

Anonymous said...

Ore Kamal mazhaiya irukku ungalukku indha varusham!!

P.S. - Your last line says "It will win" and from your previous post Vaiko seems to agree with a big thumbs up!!

KRTY said...

jeevan, Pugundhu vilayadi irukkar :)

revathi, lucky me :)

anand prabhu, two more days, i guess

bala, i wont say that. :) you know me :)

aparna, Vaikovai namba koodadhu.. kadaisi nimishathila paal maariduvaar. :)