Friday, April 28, 2006


This post stands as an explanation for the previous post "Corruption free world".

It is not my dream to have a corruption free world. Its just on the manifesto of "Lok Paritran". The point was to tell you that You and I will not like a corruption free society. And as usual, my language spoiled the communication. Lets talk about that later, anyway.

Most of us think the society is corrupted. But a very few realize we are a part of the society. We are used to this. We are breathing it every second. We consider pure as toxic. We are that much used to impurity. Let me show you an example.

MPs got money from people to raise questions on the parliament. It was a cheap trick pulled by some third-rated media. But people were not surprised by the act, but they were taken aback by the amount paid. They couldnt digest that their MPs will go so cheap, not for Rs. 10,000. Now include me in they. We all thought MPs should be getting more.

Its just not going to happen by a political change. Not even by Gentlemen, Indians and Annians. Its simply not a joke. I hate to say Corruption is deep-rooted. The roots are not outside our windows.. it is inside our living room.

We are so much used to corruption, that we dont distinguish it. We think we can break the law. We have already made fun of the law. We watch movies, and scream at the Dada hero. We want him to kill. We have paid the metro-water truck driver to bring water to our streets rather than the next street, and he has come to your street with the water of the next street. We have paid the Traffic Constable money, when more than seven people travelled on our cars. We have used Corruption for comfort. But we think we dont like it. Its just like we dont like the dirty... but our body contains dirt.

I dont think You and I will be comfortable in a corruption free world. Sounds Ironical.. doesnt it.

As I've told you earlier, the point is not "India cannot become a corrption free country..".. Its just that WE WONT LIKE IT.


Anonymous said...

I don't see how you can say that. We may have to live in a more stricter and controlled manner, but then no pain no gain right?

If we want some rules, regulations to exist such that ultimately everyone from the beggar to the PM benefits then we must make some sacrifices.

It's a question of what you like more: the quick buck to get go without your driving licence or the full fine with a mindset change.

I must applaud you on your take on this topic, this is first time I've seen such an opinion. Nice stuff!

Anonymous said...

We better like it young man... we better...

Anonymous said...

Keerthi, I beg to differ from your view here. Though I respect your view, I disagree that people like correption. I think that people are driven to a point where they are forced to get along with correption.

The MLAs and MPs are so powerful DhaDha's now, that if we raise any voice, either we will be knocked down by a water lorry or we will be in jail for the rest of our lives for raping Aish (you get my point).

Lets take one simple example.
Why is that some people dont carry License or RC book etc. It is because it is not easy to get one without bribing.

If it is as easy as - take the road test, go to the RTO, pay the fees and get the license, I think everybody will carry a license.

8th Standard roudi is the Sports minister. and 9th standard roudi is the IT minister.

Why not put an MBA or MCA person as minister.

One day or the other the people will start questioning themselves.
Until yesterday I did not even know about 49-0 (O-Podu). Now I know. Thanks to the internet.

With the internet explosion things are slowly changing because of better communication. It will take
some time.

Youngsters like you should think positive, act positive and make people think positive. You are good writer. Lets just make use of that skill in a positive way.

Anonymous said...

idhu vandhu epdi na,

2 thirudanga

"machi edukku da thirundhanum? kollai adikaradhu evlo vasadhi paaru, seekirame lakshangal pannalaam, illena naal poora manikanakka kashtapadanum.."

the point is thirudanga thirundhuradhu naatukum, avanukkum nalladhu..

its not a question of he liking it. the sooner he gets to like it, the better, for all concerned.

what makes u think u can't pay the fine in a speedy manner?(as in yr example)

i agree to one point of yrs. we r deep rooted in corruption. but adukku namba parambriyam and kalachram kooda oru karanam(we have highly romanticised notions of it, IMHO)
we r basically a very selfish society.

namakkum namba family kum ippo thevai ku edhu vena enna vena pannalam. of course all societies r selfish but indians r one of the worst.

but idhuvum maarum. there is no such thing as constant. its just a question of time.

nee solra violations habits behaviors ellam learned behaviors thaan.

pirakumbodhey traffic maama ku lanjam kudukradhu dhaan en piravi lakshiyam nu endha kuzhandayum sollitu varadhilai,

if u have any doubts, ask yr neice:)

if it can be learnt, it can be unlearnt and new things and values can be learnt too..

it just takes time!

summa moolaila utkarndhuttu
'maaradhu, nadakadhu, nama maara maatom' nu solradhu
intellectual laziness IMHO..

the least u can do is being optimisitic, and encourage those who r optimistic...

Anonymous said...

trust me... the corruption free world is much better. it will just take some time to adapt initially of it ever happens. you wont regret it. if u are caught and fined once when you are going somewhere urgently, it is a one time affair. it is always better than crying 100 bucks to every damn tc on every other signal. this is just one instance. when u take all the other general aspects of life, where individuals are treated equally and everybody gets his own rights, a corruption free world will always serve most of the population as a democracy is expected to. in chennai, a person who has money can do anything and get away with anything.

Anonymous said...

also to add on to that, please follow traffic rules like just carrying a photocopy of your RC book and registration. it is a small price you will pay to the long time you may lose, if u are caught by an honest tc.