Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Corruption free India

Lok Paritran wins 2011.

"Stop ! Stop !!! Stop the bike..."

"sir.. sir.. please .. its getting late for me.. im in a hurry..."

"just Stop the bike.. stand there... i will come..."

He goes to the corner... parks his bike and comes to the TC.

"Sir.. im on a urgent..."

"Licence and RC book..."

"Sir.. im going on an emergency, i havent taken these documents..."

"arent you aware that you should be having these documents with you ?"

"sir.. please.. " he carasses his back pocket and imagines how much he had brought today..

"sir.. i have only Rs. 40 sir.. " he opens the purse and hands over the money..

"Are you trying to bribe me ?" the TC smiles... "Son, we are in a different phase.. we have become a corruption free society.. Please wait for the Mobile Court to come.. Pay the fine, get the challan and then you can leave.."

"Sir.. please.. is there any other way ?"

TC smiled again and started stopping the other bikes.. it was a monthly inspection..."Stop ! Stop.. stop the car...."

He went and started waiting for the mobile court..."Damn ! Those good old days !!!"


BOTTOMLINE : I dont think we are going to like the corruption free world


Anonymous said...

u may wake up now.

Anonymous said...

Well said ttm.

Anonymous said...

Nice one:)

Anonymous said...

Is that circa 3011 ?

Anonymous said...

If I were in Madras during this election, I will vote for Lok Paritran. Every other party is giving FREE this and FREE that.. it is this partly alone that says we will form a corruption FREE socity.

Anonymous said...

ya corruption free world would mean each one understanding his responsibilities and acting accordingly and having no short cuts for not doing so.
Initially we may not like it but once we know there is no choice and appreciate its benefits all round, it will become a natural way of living.