Tuesday, August 08, 2006


DSC00850 DSC00841

Sorry. It isnt a photo worth anything. But it was just an attempt to shoot pictures, like how the Pro's do. These kind of attempts lead to self-realization. Realize impotency :)

There are some great photos which are shots of moving traffic, and they show just the fast travelling lights. I tried taking the same shot on Mount Road, when the bikes speed-started from the signal. I gave a mild shake and extra exposure. Didnt work much..

Dear Cameramen/women of the world, lend me your suggestions.


Anonymous said...

what exactly were you trying to do?

if it's panning i can tell you. and it does not involve a shake.

if you explain wht effect you're looking for,i cna probably tell you how to do it.

Anonymous said...


enakku therincha varaikum adu apdi illai.
u need to keep the camera still and secure in a tripod and then expose for sometime to record the movement of the vehicles...

cameraku mild shake kudukaradhu ellam velaiku avadhu. infact that's exactly what u shud avoid doing :D

Surya said...

i think if u have had a tripod it would have worked, i guess the long exposure time there is more chance of shake if held in the hand. Just my guess, not a pro