Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Address Aliased

I tried to change the name of this site into a shorter one. You know how much i like the name avyukta. So, was trying But it was already parked. Of course is available, but it is costing me $40 per year. Huh ! I thought i better do some URL Forwarding [Explained below], and got this, and Viola !!! here is my new address [sounds cute, isnt it !].

URL forwarding means, you can host a site anywhere, which would be a sub-domain, of a major Domain. For instance, you should be familiar with GeoCities, which is a Yahoo service, that allows you to create and host web pages of your own content. But the address would looklike, Boy, thats a big name to remember and promote. So, there are services like, and many others that provide a Short URL for your site, and the service provider simply forwards any request to this Short URL to the URL you specify. Life made simpler (shorter in this case ?)

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